Small Business Journal #1

Giving In Order To Take

Since early last year I have been working with Websites and attempting to give more to it so as to get more from it.
Some challenges that have presented themselves:
Email hosting - I didn’t know anything about this when I took on a particular job and am now familiar enough that I have decided to charge extra for it, as it can be quite trying.
In person meetings - As I don’t currently have personal transport, the costs of time associated with meeting potential and current clients in person began to stack up. For the length of time that a Website is being built, I will not charge extra for call outs. However, unless provided in a Management Plan, I now charge for call outs.

It can be difficult to know how to effectively price your products or services and how to value your own time.
Since I am building a one-man Business, I am the funnel for effort, time, skills and therefore I am the limiting factor most of the time for income to arrive on the other side.
Seemingly, if I put in more effort, time, skills I can receive more income.
Unless running a seedling organisation I don’t have experiences in putting in lots of effort but rather happen to have mentioned to a few key people, who have catalysed further work through word of mouth.
I have to pay attention to what has been the most effective form of reaching new clients, a spontaneous need and my name suggested to satisfy it.
I can’t do too much about this, other than make great websites, give the highest quality customer service, seek public feedback and get my name in more circles.

- Ryan Dickinson