Up Up Away - Swells 7" - Oddity as a term of endearment

In the last couple of years a name has repeated on my facebook feed, I never once looked. No reason, I'm just not a super curious sort I guess. But I did finally check it out a couple of weeks ago, seeing that the name, Up Up Away, a band of local origins (Aren't all the best fresh groups from here?) had announced a launch for their 7", two track Vinyl or Digital, the A-side track "Swells" also serves as the title for the release.
I let it go until right now. I checked 'going' on that event, locked it into my brain-calendar and continued not answering the question 'What sort of music do they play?'.
Smooth and moody jazz funk.
I am pleasantly disappointed in myself for not checking them out sooner.
The track of the day this Saturday at The Evelyn Hotel 'Swells' - is, well difficult to nail down. When I said 'smooth and moody jazz funk' I honestly don't think I've actually heard a track quite like this before. Influences abound in the dynamic sounds of the membership, certainly, but who or what - is hidden by a perfect storm front of originality and inspiration. 
I'm falling in love with this release. Not at first sight, though immediate impressions were not negative. In the way of falling, slowly, the more time you spend with it. You see, or in this case hear, the nuances of the creation. The character that is the result of so many influences comes forward.
I'm not a musically minded sod, my interest in talking about music is giving deserving bands a shout out of sorts - read any of the others to see that I am clutching straws when describing the music. In this respect, all I will say - Up Up Away create an original and mouth watering appetiser with this 7" release. 

Check out the track 'Swells' below. Then buy their 7". Then buy their first release 'Good Advice' from last year.

Excited for the show tomorrow night.

- Ryan Dickinson