Interview Spencer Martin - Music Is No. 1

This week I asked a few questions of Spencer Martin, local muso around Melbourne. Check out Spencer's Guitar playing and lyrics with the bands The Wax Eaters and The Fibs

Pick one Artist/thinker/etc who is most representative of where you would want your life to head.

I would have to say Salvador Dali, I really admire how he managed to move through so many mediums and really hone whatever craft it was that was being focused on. I'd like to be able to explore a lot of different paths as an artist, i think it's also an effective way to push through a rut in something else. If ones not flowing try another you know.


What are you currently reading?

Currently nothing unfortunately, I've been a real sucker. I was previously reading 'The Devil's Notebook" by Anton S. LaVey. I found it quite interesting, the man has mixed reviews really but I didn't look into that really. I just tried to take it on face value, and for me that was just delving into deprogramming yourself and understanding when your being manipulated; Be real to yourself.

What is(are) your main creative outlet(s)?

I'd have to say that Music is the No. 1, it's just something that I have to do, I mean I have ups and downs but i think that's a part of it that keeps you chasing and trying to progress and understand further. 
The music ties into writing, for all the lyrics and ideas.
Next comes drawing and painting. I delve into these for the creative promotional side of Music but also quite often when I'm stuck with Music I try to do some art to express ideas in another medium.


What are your plans and projects for 2018?

Big Plans for 2018 with Music. Our band 'The Wax Eaters' is getting into the studio with Jules really soon and should have a whole bunch of material coming your way later in the year. Also I've been writing with Zak and Max a bit, fleshing out some ideas for new material with 'The Fibs' which has been fun to get back into.
On top of that I've been slowly recording some solo bits and pieces that don't really fit anywhere else; amongst little ideas, collaboration with people such as yourself.

Who's ideas would you want everyone to check out?

Hmm that's pretty tough, there's a lot of people in my close community who have really great ideas hence why I surround myself with them. Maybe James S. Lee's ideas about what we're doing. He wrote one of my favourite autobiographies called "The underworld of the east" well worth a look in my opinion.

How can the internet assist in the development of Art and Artists?

Yeah the Internets a funny place really, Warhols whole 15 minutes has turned into 15 seconds haha! I think there can be a way to get great exposure on the internet but at the same time there's such an over-saturation of talent that it can be desensitising or overwhelming really. I mean there's nothing quite like seeing a band in the flesh.
Hopefully we don't have to pay an arm and a leg just to get our name out there.
The musician does everything these days and sometimes it feels like you're getting fucked from every side so I think we do have to figure out how to make the relationship between Music and the Internet and the Artist more feasible in the future.

Are you paying attention to Australian Arts? Who are your current favourites?

Much of my exposure to current Australian arts are through the Crafternooners community as well as going to gigs. I'm loving what i'm seeing really.
Always loved The Braves sounds, they're out 'n' about trouncing Europe. Really dig Yukumbabe, I've seen them do some special performances. Excited to see more of Rhonda as well as Dead End.


What does community mean to you?

Ah, My community is my people, and i think it's important to choose who that is and what they represent. Then if everything fails, fall into the arms of your friends.

Thanks for the answers Spencer, really interesting stuff and I love the suggestion of bands to check out!

See you next week with another Interview.

- Ryan Dickinson