Who Is The Modern Artist? - Survey

Through the intuitive and versatile platform of Squarespace and the availability of the Internet, I would like to conduct a survey to understand the modern artist. The questions here are not exhaustive and the intention is not to define the Artist but to get an understanding of how the Artist lives and how they relate to the world. 

Do not feel obligated to provide details that make you uncomfortable to share. This is an independent survey and while the goal is to have as many surveys completed and be filled with the most accurate information, this is mainly for something to write about and perhaps to help Australia understand the environment it's artists are a part of.

In order to maintain a touch of quality, I am asking for you to provide your email address. I want your real email address, though it will not be sent anything, in order to differentiate between the entries. This can ensure that the information at the survey's close is of the most value. 

Have you been diagnosed with Mental Illness?
If so, how has Mental Illness affected your creativity?
How old are you?
Do you believe age plays a role in creativity?
Are you employed?
Do you have a degree/A-grade license?
Is the degree/A-grade license related to your employment?
Are either your employment or education related to your main artistic expression?
Do you believe your artistic expression is essential to who you are?
Do you have a spiritual or religious practice?