Interview LUNA TUNES - Visual Artist

I was first introduced to Luna Tunes work when he designed the promotional material for Art vs Music, I believe in 2016, with the strange characters and great lettering catching my attention.
He is an eclectic visual artist, gaining his dues of exposure around Melbourne and I was lucky enough to harass him with some questions recently.

When did you start with your artistic medium/s?

I've always drawn since i was a lil kid. I just drew lots and lots. Id make up characters and write all there stats on the page like weight and height and their family name and special powers and all that stuff. I drew very typical boy stuff back then like warriors and basketball players and dragonball z. Mum says I drew everyday which is probably true. 

Who are your major influences in Life and Art? 

My wife Benny is my major influence in both. I'm very lucky I have someone to think out-loud with and make things together. Some people might not know that Benny is a brilliant and unassuming writer. Benny has this writing style that is so perfectly placed and arranged whilst retaining this sort of effortlessness. Travelling through it all with Benny and my family is probably my biggest influence. To put it simply I see something, feel something, do something and I make a mental note to draw it at some stage in some way. I'd like to draw more though.

Nature is a big part of my work I think. Australian country and animals. I have a big animal Encyclopaedia that I read and draw from a-lot. Benny got it for my bday last year. If I think about it a-lot of my work is a balance / collision of natural / unnatural , old / new, everything / nothing, real stuff / bullshit. If that makes any sense? 

Im pretty influenced by movies - most of my faves are sci-fi or fantasy. Anything that takes care in the little details - set design, costumes, little little things. Some of my top ones are Children of Men, Chappie, District 9, Let the Right one in (sweed version not the american one thats bad), What we do in the shadows...that sort of stuff. 

Do you have a name for your Art style? When did you find/build it?
My artist name is LUNA TUNES. It started as a side project when i was travelling for a while a few years ago - around 2015. Originally it was a way to do drawings to share / highlight music i liked. I was in Berlin and I couldnt sleep and i drank a two litre bottle of coca cola, stayed up all night and did my first ever drawing signed as Luna Tunes. I dont drink coca-cola anymore cos the dentist said not to but LUNA TUNES is not a side project anymore.  

What are times when your Art has been used for a notable purpose? 
It gets used in lots of music stuff in Melbourne. So there's still a big connection to music. Love seeing dome lil drawing I did on tshirts or posters around town. 

Who are your favourite Australian Artists? 
Ooo I'm very bad with names let me think... 

I did a project at the place i work recently with 8-12 year olds on Margaret Preston and I've found myself going back over and over to her printmaking. I find it a super inspiring every time I check out her stuff just for its obvious beauty and all the  Aussie references that are pretty close to home. 

Ruby Knight for sure!!! I have a few of her drawings in our place and they are truely cherished. Ruby has a very strong style that always captivates. 

The person who does all those banana peels around Melbourne! love those. Who is that??

No 2.jpg

Do you believe that the Internet is a useful tool for Artists? If so, how? 
It seems useful for me but then maybe not I'm not sure. I don't really get it totally. I really love how you can interact with strangers via art - thats a lovely part of instagram. 

What three albums would you recommend to anyone?
Oh jeez. I dont think I'd recommend any three to anyone. but three I really really like..

Shrink Dust by Chad Vangaalen ( he's also a super awesome illustrator and animator check his video clips )

Pleasure by Feist - I listened to this a billion times last year. Feist is incredible. All her albums are great. Let it Die especially. 

Moon Safari by Air is the first album I got on vinyl so that has sentimental value for me plus its pretty easy to like. Listened to it many many times. 

Who would you Love to work with? 
I'd love to collaborate with Ruby Knight she's my favourite illustrator and I think that'd be fun! If I had a show I'd love to have her involved. 


What does Community mean to you?

Community is everything. Alot of my community is outside of the creative community I guess - my family and a-lot of my friends. They are all super encouraging and a great barometer for what I'm making.  I always want my art to be accessible ( and affordable ) to the average joe out there - not to say I want them to be meaningless but enjoyable to anyone at least in some way. I can be a little bit disconnected when it comes to art and maybe do everything myself but I'm starting to break that habit. 

Thanks so much for the great responses!

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- Ryan Dickinson