Gabriella Cohen - Full Closure and No Details - Fun Remembered

I first heard of Gabriella Cohen, melbournite whose name appears on A few projects, after reading A short 'give me attention pre-album' piece on The Craft (Check these guys out, they cover some terrific, not so well known artists). The song linked on the page was this one:

Before you continue reading, watch the video.
Done yet?

I wasn't sure what I thought upon first listen, so I replayed it immediately. I liked what I heard though I wasn't sure why.
I then listened to 'Sever The Walls', another song off her latest release 'Full Closure and No Details', giving me A perspective of Cohen and her misfit group of mad hatters as almost surfey nostalgic 90's rock.
'Sever The Walls' is something you will find yourself humming while licking shut number 30 of 1000 envelopes in-front of you. Knee grinding hip bumping, A kind of casual sexy will leak from you standing on the crowded 5PM train with this song firmly planted in your head, in the most enjoyable of ways.
With neither of these songs will your socks be knocked off, at the best they will give you that early morning hand to put them on as the wake half dreads the day ahead and the other half is battling dream realm jelly triangles. They are enjoyable songs, breaking stereotypes that 'All modern music is shitty' and will leave you feeling lighter. It's fun, simply and whole heartedly.
But then I heard 'Yesterday'. A roxy music underwater, guitar-heavy, mood driving piece. Maybe it's because I like to hear guitars scream but this song caught me off guard, slapping my chops and knocking me off my feet with A well placed beautifully embroidered, weighted pillow. Cohen and co create A perfect parallel between ballad chorus and Riff heavy waling in 'Yesterday'. An instant classic in my books.
As the Album progresses things become less defined and more eclectic. Cohen uses simple but powerful phrasing in her tracks, quipping and reflecting on modern relationship awkwardness and what it is to be in love surrounded by hoots, hollas and no real distinct genre placating.
As I listened, late at night but morning eyed, I escaped through the back of myself to float through visions of using this beautiful material to create connection with people and ultimately ending up with A fantasy of having the song 'This Could Be Love' dedicated to me by Cohen and her band; I wave uncomfortably at the envious eyes noticing me, beaming as I am left to enjoy A superbly well crafted slow jam.
I am well and truly in love with this album and I will likely piss some of my friends off as I hijack the stereo before their song has ended to listen some more. Gabriella Cohen and your wonderfully supportive strange and delightfully enigmatic creative soldiers, you have made an album rooted in today that doesn't shy away from being reflective of what it is that has shaped your musical presence. Props and Kudos to you all!

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If you are interested in seeing Gabriella Cohen perform her new album (Which was released on the 4th of March this year) she will be playing at The Tote on the 17th of March. Here is the Facebook Event

Be kind to one another.

- Ryan Dickinson