The Braves - Contra Tortura - Amphetamine Subversion Tactics

God damn I love these mother fuckers, they only continue to deliver rage blastings of subtlety and nuance that expand with scope and talent. 
Contra Tortura from Melbourne Rock outfit The Braves, dropped late November. A secondary EP, before their full album drops this coming summer (excepting delays). 
Fuelled off the back of European debauchery, Contra Tortura spits in the face of a come down, drinking heavy and drips sweat into the faces of a cramped crowd in dim lit dens of decadent devilish behaviour. 
Death march chanting and floor stomping rage licks with huge mother fucking sound. The scope has exploded and these boys kill it, again.
Black Panther Prowl is Screaming Jay sexy plotting blood red high seas.
I was prewarned, if appropriate, regarding the  malevolent intent of this EP. But Jesse, I can hear the Grudge on your choruses. You said evil, not Dante's Inferno. What do I know, I haven't read Dante's Inferno. 
Dig the Evolution, grand and unabashed savagery!
Cool Russia has a bit of circus freak Piano, which would be almighty to see more of in future releases, hopefully.
Get a copy here. Hey Kelly, let me do some sales for you brother. You focus on the tunes. 

The boys are playing a gig at Bambra, Rockin The Bones, hosted by Ken Eavel of PBS fame. Get your tickets and bring a sack full of drugs.

- Ryan Dickinson

Ryan Dickinson