Interview Abdul-Jaleel Abdalla - South Australian Poet

Several months ago, potentially late last year, I first stumbled onto Abdul-Jaleel Abdalla's work on Instagram. It gave me chills. I looked around for someone to share it with. Truly inspired, I find Abdul-Jaleel's Poetry nothing short of powerful.
Find him on Instagram and as part of the few things I will ask of my readers, please follow him and enjoy his work. @_Abduljaleel.Abdalla_
Abdul-Jaleel was kind enough to let a stranger ask him questions and here are his responses. Thanks as always for being here with us!


What is your main creative expression/art form?

I am an addict of poetry. It will always be my primary creative field. I have always read poetry; and allowed myself to dream while reading it, dream intently. And tended to my imagination with poetry’s strange and eloquent tools. Thus allowing me to be confident with my poetic dreaming. And coming from an Indigenous Palestinian background, a people who have forever been silenced by the world to voice their struggles, I find a great deal of satisfaction in being able to express my own voice through poetry. 


What do you find is the most difficult  aspect of your art form?

I’m a perfectionist when it come to writing poetry. Which can extend the editing time massively. I find it extremely hard to write a poem in a short amount of time. It doesn’t work like that for me. I can spend months working on one poem. I hold on to them as long as I can to make sure that what I have created is readable. If someone asks me to read a poem at an event with a particular theme I freak out knowing I might not have it ready by then, or that I’ll end up reading a poem I am unsatisfied with. 

Do you think the internet has had a negative or beneficial effect on Art creation?

I believe it has had a beneficial effect. I’m seeing a lot of artists using social media as a primary way to share their work. I can go on instagram and find new artists every day. It makes artists more accessible to new audiences. As compared to pre-internet days when you had to rely on basically word of mouth and handing out flyers. The internet makes it easier for artists. There are a lot of places to find ideas and inspiration. Personally it is a great tool to have at hand when I write. I see that it is encouraging creation. Providing a space for painters, writers, musicians, ect to expose their talents to a wider audience and gain the motivation to keep creating. 

Who are some Australian Artists you are paying attention to?

One Australian artist I’ve been following for some time is Brentley Frazer. His novel and his poems have had a massive impact on me as a writer. Brentley’s writing is unlike anything I’ve ever read, really. He writes with such honesty. Every line of his zaps you. 


What is your plan for 2018? 

I have a stack of poems on my desk waiting to be sent out for publication. Including an Epic Poem I’ve been working on for more than a year. It’s nearing the end of its editing and I want to find a place for it out there. Other than that I have no expectations. I just want to live and immerse myself ruthlessly in what’s going on around me. And to find, through the craft of poetry, unique apertures to observe the ordinary in a spectacular way.