The Future Of Art In The Blue Light Of The Digital Age

Thinking on the future of the written word, how to bring a novel breath of life into Poetry in the digital age and how to overcome problems I have identified within a community I often feel out of touch with.

A cocktail of ideas but in terms of where I think I want to take Sacred Lab and what to invest my time into, these are important factors.

I am going to post a list of tenets and presuppositions I have devised for the value structure of A practicality based, mental health promoting, local arts collective that I think will surmise how these topics how to fit together. Some are the values we would seek to promote and others are the necessary fundamentals of the processes I wish to be involved in, say Mental Illness for instance - It is a presupposition, that is not included in the list below except where implied, that we can get better from these illnesses. We heal through the integration of Life into our perspectives and set of behaviours. More exposure, less time inverted or dwelling on potential, better diets, more real world interactions, more time reading great literature, less time with influences where expectations are through the roof - these all manipulate in a beneficial way our mood and sense making structure. Though I am only so far into my own treatment using the above and maybe it doesn't work for anyone else but we've gotta start somewhere right?
So here is the list - I would love any sort of feedback about the list, any at all. Leave a comment on here or at the Sacred Lab Facebook page

Art is a voice missing from most political, social, technological, economic or environmental .public discussions.

Community is how we will get through difficulties.

Mental Illness is stifling creative expression.

Healing through Truth can be achieved.

More skills will increase creativity.

The Dandenong Ranges will be touted as a focal point of Australian Poetry in the next few decades.

Taking responsibility for our illnesses and weaknesses will highlight our strengths and in using these, while we compensate for our weak points through practice, our invisible illness will also become silent and eventually a memory of a riverbed long since filled in.

Cultural discourse and civil conflict becomes framed in the language of politics and elite agendas without the anarchistic propositions of Artists. 

Conversation is a responsible medium for the discussion of these themes.

The internet has awoken us to the freedom of expression and it's potential without mediation by elite bodies.

We are in a premium position, this year, this country. to use the best available technology for the greatest amount of benefit.

Humanity is at risk of killing itself.

Australia has a few nasty wounds that need to be healed or the body of this nation will die and bury many of us.

Art, Community and a pragmatic approach are the tri-unity necessary to pull this off.

Love is inherent to this project.

The world is full of nasties due to the silent good majority.

There are methods that promote progressive and responsible decision making which in turn reduces symptoms of Mental Illness.

There are no Panacea.

Following The Established Rules or cultural standard will not necessarily guarantee a beneficial or remedial outcome.

No excuses exist, there is only a lack of appropriate responsibility.

My focus here seems to be the eradication of debilitating habits, practices and perspectives in order to make better decisions and those decisions are for the bettering of the most amount of people's lives. I want to stay relevant, using expressions of Art, the technology of computers and the distribution of the Internet. I want this to have real world benefits, for the health of creative minds, for the vanquishing of symptomatic evils and for the rebuilding of a sense of community imbued with a purpose. Sustainability of relationships. The relationship of identity with behaviour, the relationship of behaviour to outcomes, the relationship of potential and possible, the relationship of Humanity and Earth, the relationship of us to ourselves, the relationship of citizen to nation, the relationship of privilege and responsibility, the relationship of practicality and Art. I want to build an Arts-community overlay, that can be superimposed upon any existing community and it allows the creative to be creative, the disciplines and vocations to collaborate, the rates of mental illness and the catalysing lack of personally relevant values to drop if not disappear all together. It promotes bonds of trust and communication. 
I want to build a vehicle for the transmission of Artistic expression to Australians in an event or display capacity and to the world in a digital capacity. Digital is the medium that will receive the most focus. Artists will work with designers and builders to create new objects of similar but pronounced function next their precursor object. 


I was read-experiencing Mark Riboldi's Controlled Immersion (A VR article, for lack of additional jargon) and in it Mark Riboldi speaks to the promises and presupposed potential of VR espoused by a myriad of Sci-fi writers, philosophers and movies of which VR has not to date met. 

I enjoyed the experience perhaps only for it's novelty and potential of this medium with the expression of written words. I think there needs to be a much more sophisticated way to visualise writing in the VR digital space - I needed to align the lines of text with it's perfect camera position or the text would slice and become difficult to read. Not to mention, Controlled Immersion uses red on black with images and videos in the background which again, makes it difficult to read at certain points. I do really like it and I even like the ascetic, I am just disappointed by the low resolution text. Having said that, I was viewing it on my computer and did not have it locked into movie mode, where I imagine it would move into the best position for reading the text. Nothing against Mr Riboldi and his project,  in terms of his contention this is my testament to VR not reaching it's espoused potential.

I was thinking on ways we may improve it though. As the text is coming into view or leaving view, if they were three dimensional letters that could morph to keep a legible shape this may reduce some slicing. Think of it as though flowing, animated text, that changed angle with the users perspective and always remained legible. I can see some sticking and jutting of the letters. Perhaps some kind of control where the animation is running while the user is scanning and the text goes static when the user is reading. I am imagining that the text would need to be locked on to the user's perspective and would only move as the user's moved onto a proximity defined text area allowing the user to move and still view the letters. Maybe if we are moving through a space, the letters can lock on and adjust while they are in view of the user. Just spit balling here.

I have been thinking, though of video content, combining visual art, music, poetry, etc and showcasing the talents of the abundant of creative people I know and those who they know and on and on. With the incorporation of more digital, coding and modelling, disciplines, the content could become omni-dimensional. A Poem read in virtual space while listening to a song made in collaboration with the Poet. Creatives overlapping with creatives to build bristling, bursting objects of potency transmitted through the internet to infect and spread like good bacteria.

Anyway I have been rambling in potentiality passion for TOO LONG!

Onward to The Real!

- Ryan Dickinson