The Doorstep Agreement

In the light of A pair of podcast, Future Thinkers, that featured Vinay Gupta - I have been exploring again the idea of being personally responsible, not just of what one does, but also for what we all do. I don't think it's as difficult as we make it seem, "You want me to be responsible for 7 billion people!" - no, you are responsible for all of Humanity, you are an arbiter of Humanity and the arbitrary calculating of population shouldn't necessarily affect how you act toward yourself. Which is all you are doing, you are simply engaging, with equity, all parts of yourself. Or myself. Or ourself. 

It's giving help to the people around us who need it. It's going out of your way to clean up after the people in your area. It's taking responsibility for what you notice and doing something about it. It's A lot of things that would be considered anti-social or rude, both of which are bullshit anyway. Conditional symptoms culturally reinforced but their specificity and application vary from member to member.

Why should you take care of something that somebody else broke or made a mess of or doesn't understand? Because we are all in this together and it is the internal conflict of humanity that is driving the other species and life on this earth to the very brink of annihilation and ourselves with them - we are the Atomic meteor, wiping clean the surface once again!

"So you want me to say sorry for the wrongs of other people?" Saying sorry doesn't DO or FIX or SOLVE anything! So don't apologise, point out that you know you've done something the other person didn't like, pointing out that you don't wish to do it again or you think you may and so the best course of action is to end the relationship or at least reduce it's import so as to avoid unnecessary hardship. Don't murder or maim because those are almost impossible to forgive. It's not about absolving anyone of anything - infact it's more responsibility for all of us, it's more duty, it would be more blame if there existed A third party but blaming one aspect of yourself because of what another aspect of yourself did, is wind to lined up dominoes. 

Taking responsibility, however, doesn't do anything by itself. I believe that people essentially want to wake up or come into A sense of home and family that has no bounds. But before i move on I have to address this point, the journey toward enlightenment or unity (whatever you want to call it) may not be necessarily consciously understood. People speak in the terms of happiness, this state of being in A omnipresent happiness, "I just want them to be happy" "I just want to be happy" - If this isn't just A case of not accepting the challenges ahead and decided to fetch oneself the ingredients for overcoming the struggle but infact A genuine pursuit, then I think it is actually seeking this unity without the language or presence of mind to understand it. Happiness is similar to anger, A fleeting emotion. and this is more likely to become the case if we know that those around us are on the same page of caring and acting on that consideration.

Like Vinay Gupta said "Start on your doorstep and trust that other will start on theirs".