The sour of strange

Today will be a casual, hap hazard cocktail of music, contemplation and complaining. I really have been a bit slack blogging of late. 
Maybe it's 'cause no one reads 'em? But do I write them to be read? Or merely to be written? No, the intention is directionless at this early juncture. To write, to be seen, to be liked - irrelevant. It is what is and I do what I does.

Contemplation. We, the thinkers and internal debaters, are often told to 'think less'. "Too much thinking is bad for you" They will chime "We can't spend all day thinking, nothing will get done".
But what are we doing? Does it actually need to get done?
That's not necessarily what I have been contemplating.
I contemplate, have been of late, the lesser of thinking. The channels of thought employed by most at some time or other, to which nonprogressive and often destructive decisions emerge. Without entering in too specifically, I will try to skip along the surface of this issue - as we could easily enter deep, confusing water. My pattern of thinking, that I have witnessed fruit into what it is today - is based on exposure to ideas. Over the past seven or eight years I have dabbled, dipped my feet, in many waters of interest. An error of new information implementation, is the zeal of conviction. We are prone to hear a fantastic story, indulge in aspects that are familiar and provide transitory 'good enough' disregard for the uncomfortable aspects - we then defend, for the sake of our EGO, our stance in-line with this fantastic story. 
I have had to adopt a singular notion of knowledge - I don't know. I just simply do not know BUT certain evidence of patterns suggests this or that and I will talk about their relevance to myself or others. But I don't have any knowledge, I only have other people's opinion.

Song rights - Tara Walsh Video rights - Polygraph Productions ( Credits: Tom Lowe (Polygraph Productions) - Director/DOP/Editor Tara Walsh - Songwriter/actor Scarlett Killaly - Producer Frankie Lowe - Production Assistant Mark Howard - Assistant Director Steven Salathial - Gaffer James Rogers - Gaffer Tim Sketcker - Lighting Stacey Chambers - Artistic Consultant Sophie Winter - Make Up Rob La Terra - Actor John Seears - Actor Laura Killaly - Actor Sam Holst - Consultant Ben Lindsay - Hired Goon (standby) Michael Jensz - Hired Goon The Wilde, Gertrude Street, Melbourne Tana - Stunt Double

Of late I am listening to more local music, new and local. God damn people! This is where it is at!
Melbourne is host to such a broad, eclectic, fresh and honest swath of musicians and artists - It's almost unbelievable. 
I would typically be hesitant to listen to local music but the naiveté has since lessened. Nathan Eternalbird, The Braves(Playing with Griya next week), Tash Sultana(19th December a Gig at the John Curtin Hotel), Tara Walsh (While you fall in love with her, check out her trio with the song 'Kennedy'. I have it posted on the Sacred Lab Facebook page. I'm honestly a little hooked) Andrew grant(On Sunday at the Living Earth Sound Sessions), Marc Gardner(Appearing this Sunday with Andrew Grant), The Fibs(gig at Gin Lane) , Griya(Next Saturday at Gin Lane), Up Up Away - damn people we have some talent in this town! Support Local Arts or it may perish in our stead.

And finally, are we really still buying into Political representation? People, lots of them, 'like' Malcolm Turnbull. Why? Do you know him? Did he not boot someone out of a position to claim it for himself, someone on his own team?
Loyalty devoid and attention greedy but we still think he will do a 'good' job for 'us'? 
Come on.
People have noted, 'for the record' - they like that Malcolm Turnbull uses public transport. Fuck people. Give you a shiny bauble and you will come up with reasons why it is worthwhile. He doesn't ride public transport for efficiency (Being chauffeured while doing some fucking work in the back seats is inefficient?) - he rides it so you can kiss his ass and blow his dick on his way to fuck us in the arse. I apologise, you know what for.
Silver fox too? An aspect of respect for a man in his position cannot be aesthetic. A silver fox is a creature of wisdom and beauty - qualities that I do not see this man reflecting, however. I see him reflecting smugness and perhaps a silver quality but of his tongue, as he convinces you he is different.
Same boss, different skin.
How easily convinced we have become of the 'power of change'. Don't change what is broken to what is also broken. The same sinking ship, with a new captain.
People, please just think about it.
Does A can of Coke change it's sugar content with a new look?
Does A can of coke become healthful because they tell you it is?
Fuck Coke and fuck Malcolm Turnbull. Why? I don't know, I have no idea who he is. I dislike him because some people like him. Some could say this is petty. I would say it is exactly what you are doing but I won't be disappointed when he doesn't do the necessary work and sells off what little shit we do still own.


- Ryan Dickinson