Poetry, Panic and Methylenedioxymethamphetamine

To the start-gun shot of thunderous uproar, abandoned pathways and lucrative corruption - 2015 pummelled our senses and sensibilities with relentless absurdity. 
Not always destructive absurdity but often, at least, uncomfortable. Fear not A redundant covering of past year events and news, I wasn't paying enough attention to provide the level of insight necessary for self satisfaction. Instead. I want to thank the year of past for the challenges and the wake up.
I am A better man and improving, whenever I so choose.

I want to draw on a few sentiments I absorbed and attempted to project out upon assimilation - as these notions/ideas/perspectives inspired me to re-assume my role as the driver of my story.

You are sane and in fact reacting accordingly if old guards and traditional behaviour leave you house bound or feeling hopeless. I still find days hard to navigate if I am aware of problems with the solution of 'Well if those people stopped acting like cunts, the problem would be gone' it is these next few 'sentiments' that drag A coal onto my inner-hearth and get that blaze stoked.

Follow the Law but ignore the Rules
— Just about every Critical thinker ever
Each of us is A reflection of A divine Energy wanting to know itself
— The Mushrooms
Space is connection rather than separation
— Alan Watts (Not A quote but A notion)
Normal is hierarchical yet arbitrary. Based on closed border, culturally-exclusive ideals, most of which are ‘taught’ as your standards. Don’t try to appease tradition, let it die if it’s old. Be YOURself. Uniqueness is the common trait among Humanity.
— Terence Mckenna, Tai Lopez, Duncan Trussell
Being Deserving is wanting War and being in the battlefield. Victims of circumstance are beings who lack connection with their imagination and A foundation of inner trust, this is not always true but in associated circles it resounds.
— Tai Lopez, Joe Rogan
Love is, genuinely, all we need. All that is. It is such an obvious and fundamental cognition/emotion that it is lost among the noise of complication. Be Love, epitomise Love. ‘I Love’ is the animating essence.
— The Beatles, Duncan Trussell, MDMA, Bill Hicks

I am liable to do an edit and reprise my list but as it stands, these notions represent A 'Coming to my senses' or 'de-constructed self'. 
Many of these notions are obvious, which is the other major thing I am coming to terms with - The obvious is forgettable. The obvious is essential and A firm grasp is grounding. These are the common sense beliefs of several different cultures, so I must be onto something.

I want to thank all that have given me support through my personal struggles with Mental Illness and have forgiven me for the last few years of absence. I have been welcomed back by the true people in my life with such Love and openness that I am humbled by their friendship and capacity for Kindness.
In the very recent past my reality has been redefined by the presence of additional beautiful entities. I am grateful for their existence and look forward to learning more about them and with them.
To A year of delightful defiance! To A year of unconditional Love! To A year of exceptional people, angelic chemicals, diabolic tunes and A bank of new experiences!

- Ryan Dickinson