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To begin plotting our ways into ourself or reach for potential, what that potential is should be known, or at least looked at with a certain amount of intention toward its fruition. I think the sense of 'this is possible' without fantasising gives the desired future you are picturing, more emotional hooks and thus more chances of getting you involved in its birthing.

The first method of which I attended to such is something suggested by Leo at Self Actualise, I am calling the unplug method.
Turn off your phone, leave it in another room. Turn off all screens and speakers. Get away from everyone else. Sit down with a pad and a pen to write out your most desirable future. Be specific without being critical. Be honest without being harsh. Be vulnerable. Don't worry about the how, as that will reveal itself. Remove as many 'yeah but' from your imaginings.
Some things will reoccur in various avenues and sing in a certain way. These will be key.

Leo of Self Actualise (Top) and Tai Lopez who runs the 67 step program.

Leo of Self Actualise (Top) and Tai Lopez who runs the 67 step program.

The second Method (No need to just choose one, do them all and do them often) is called Eulerian Destiny and I heard of it from Tai Lopez, who runs the 67 step program.
This method involves drawing 4 interlocking circles (which is for me the most difficult aspect) and above or next to (however it works best for you) write these four things: What you grew up around; What strangers say to you/about you; What you have been doing for the past 5 to 10 years (The younger you are, the less relevant this step is, but do it anyway); What you can talk about effortlessly. With these four factors, the probability that you will find something of interest that will lead you on further is high.

The 'Eulerian Destiny' diagram.

The 'Eulerian Destiny' diagram.

The third method is A simple question from the same source as the second method, Tai Lopez. It involves asking yourself "What did I enjoy doing when I was 10 or 12 or 14 years old?" The specific age isn't important but there will be a period when the life you wanted was clear and present in some sense. 

With all of these methods, write as much as possible - explore the various tangents that arise naturally through this process. The reason for repeating it is certain areas will fade in and out, depending on what situation you find yourself in at the time of reflection. There will be many influencing factors in the exploration of these methods, some present and conscious, others subliminal. Having various versions to tie together and find the patterns of interest/passion/etc, will make this process more fruitful and the imagined future will more convincingly compel you to manifest it.

What if Humans are operating under the influences we are exposed to, in the fashion that Ants operate under the influence of the Queen it is exposed to? 
As if with a maturing of self from dependent to provider, student to seeker, child to adult, there is A triggering of A more pressing intention to discover the why and how one can provide for whoever/whatever it is we serve. (There must be something served, whether it be the local community, the family, the nation, the God, the church, the war, the transaction, the muse, humanity as A whole and so on - In order for 'an Ant' to function as A part of 'the hive', there must be 'A Queen' to lead 'the hive'.) Without wanting to present A notion of fate or 'divine plan' type ideology, I would suggest that for the betterment of Humanity and subsequently the Earth, would manifest in one's immediate environment or intuited moves/activities as the person peruses experiential inclinations, all of the necessary lessons/skills/failures/challenges that one needs for such A multi-plex-icated ideal as A 'hive mind' or unified purpose - as though intentional. Yet, isn't the Earth A self-correcting system? Seeking equilibrium with itself and the cosmic environment, like water seeking A balance. Are we not of the Earth? There is A case to be made for the interconnectedness of all things and the universal striving for balance, this is not the place for it.

The cynical adult has been involved in a culturally sanctioned debilitation that Dr. Kirby Surprise called, in A recent Future Thinkers Podcast, The Commoner's Castration. The child is knocked into the dust bowl of material rationalism, the non-magical realm that the Human Spirit has come to find rest in peace or to rediscover its creative genius.
What if our parents, informed by the media, who borrow from mainstream ideas and so on, were misinformed? What if they conducted themselves under the banner of this scientism and authority Stockholm, with every intention of doing the 'right thing' but due to its inconsistency with the reality they have inadvertently created delusional prone individuals? How static is this personality? How determined by culture and influence are we? Is the difficulty of changing so great that it may as well be avoided?
The basic assumptions of all fields are amplified, modified or nullified from day to day, week to week, month to month. No one has the cake of knowledge with time left to eat it all, so maybe opinion or half-remembered fact should not be considered as foundational as it is. Certainly not when transmitted in the form of hearsay, which is where most of our debilitating philosophies come from. It has been shown that the individual, similar to the influence I was speaking of before, is the culmination of the people they spend the most time with. And so would the things we say be representative of what we hear the most. So if you think about the people you spend the most time with, are they the influences of research, articulation or any kind of rigorous method of inquiry? Are these the role models that are likely to know not just what they are doing but how they are doing it? 
If not, then when the phrases "it's how the world is", "you're not likely to change anything", "Dreams are just that, not real", do you treat it like gospel from a pious inquirer? Or what it likely is. Bitterness and resignation? Emotional conviction is A bias. Bias is A drawing toward A held notion of how things are, relative to the situation surrounding the bias. A destructive, resentful bias does not promote courage and discipline or the necessary faith in order to achieve one's potential. 

Jordan Peterson asks us to self-immolate daily, burning away the deadwood of experientially relevant philosophy which ceases to be relevant.

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- Ryan