Colour Fear

The irrational fear of black people by white people. Let me keep this succinct. Racism is a feeling of fear toward 'others', focused on aesthetics, expressed in anti social behavior from one culture to another. The discussion of black or white is a dichotimous futile thought exercise. A cleaving view of the world, leaving the potential of social segregation - whether legal or culturally endorsed - based on rumours and superstition. 
No one culture is of higher moral aptitude than any other. Each has demons. Each has flaws. The environmental situations contributing to the behaviour of individuals in any given culture, are affected by a multitude of factors. Inter-personal, legal, governmental, freedoms granted, financial, basic survivability, health, resources available. Possibly some overlapping factors in there, many more affect this I am sure. This does not create cause for discredit or disrespect for one culture to another. 
I cannot say anything definitive about 'China' (Don't be mistaken, they are black people - black people as denoted by white people as anyone who isn't white) It's government acts a certain way, irrespective of the public desires. Their businesses act a certain way, irrespective of the government. No one structure exists to place blame on. Why do we need to find enemies beyond our back door? Nit pick the decisions of individuals based on pre-existing environmental factors, why?
Every Human, living or deceased, affects the world. Every Human, living or deceased, is responsible for the collective position we inhabit.
Arguing, racism is a desire to place blame, from a place of fear, for particular or collective moral indiscretions. Black people refers to anyone who in from-birth pigmentation, is different from those of northern Europeans.
Just sit and think about it. Think. I was always told that thinking too much is bad, don't think - act! Maybe do a little bit of thinking, immediate responses are not always your truest held beliefs. In fact almost never are they. We defend them like they are because saying 'No, I was wrong - I jumped to a conclusion that I don't actually support. Let's try this again' is worse than lying. 

- Ryan Dickinson