Is that a folded re-usable canvas bag in your pocket or are you just robbin' the place?

I’d love to change the world but I don’t know what to do. So I leave it up to you.
— Alvin Lee, Ten Years After

I have heard it broached in a few ways now, what some call a 'fad' or being a 'greeny' (as an insult) - Taking a re-usable bag to the Supermarket. As though my decision to not tie up and stuff away any more bags via the means of using a bringing a hardier one, is my form of social heroism.
Why does it bother you so? Didn't remember a bag and feel bad or think they're stupid and hate me, don't worry me none. I am OK with how I appear to you - like a considerate arse-hole. But what does this mean? Are people mostly projecting the fact that they want to act like more of a 'greeny' but are too afraid to do so? Is that too extreme a reaction to this situation? Is there even a connection between how people perceive day to day situations and their new found responsibilities of sustainable and eco-friendly living, to use some buzzwords. We'll get into what it actually entails. But I wanted to first present my view on The global environment and how Human's are for certain affecting it . First a question.
Is our goal to lick our sore until it festers and the limb it is apart off falls off? You might be wondering at the choice of such a gruesome way to phrase that question, put more softly - Do we want to live in regret of having murdered. polluted and nuked a majority of the biosphere, for centuries to come? 
The Ice caps are melting due to rising temperatures. In the year 2030 the Earth is going to enter what is known as a 'little' or 'mini' ice age. Which means, the Ice caps will stop melting and will begin to grow due to the fall in temperature. If any speculation exists, it would only be that at best as to how much change we would see, in that time frame, of the 'mini' ice age. If that doesn't pan out though, there's not much we can do. Carbon in the Atmosphere means more plant growth. More likely with some of the correlations to the global environment and how humans are affecting it, is that are in fact a cycle of the planet system. Our planet is a living system. It's a big, impossibly big, impossibly old living system. We will not 'kill' the planet. We will empty the oceans of everything but Jelly Fish and whatever lives deep but that will soon get eaten too. We will poison the rivers, kill the forests and wipe out all of the vital links in the food chain. Animals, plants, bugs, waterways - these are all essential to the continuation of a planet hospitable for us. Human's could not have lived during the Jurassic period, the composition of the air, the heat and the simplicity of virus and prowess of predators would have annihilated us - quickly. 
So, if our goal IS to achieve something to this end - then don't change your habits a bit and don't repeat anything 'environment' related. Everything is fine, just turn your back and wait for the inevitable plunge.
So taking your consent for support of the opposite situation, what are our personal responsibilities when it comes to righting wrongs and changing global habits? Each of us, I hope I'm not just throwing people under the bus, is prone to excusing further or more involvement, due to past or current habits. You recycle metal. You have a compost. Once a month or twice a year you give to a 'green' organization and you turn off your lights when you leave a room. All good practices, together it's great. But greatness got us here. We need the entire depth of Human potential to remove us from this Epoch of massive challenges. We require a Coup De Ta of Human excellence and as many of us to be excellent as possible.
The problems themselves are, for the most part, understood theoretically. A few are understood technologically or some socially-theoretically, for those that require a change of habit. But fewer are politically understood. Financially, in terms of funding the change. Economically, in terms of manufacturing the necessary tech' at a consumer price (if need be, or a price that Energy/etc. providers can't refuse). Socially, I feel there is much talk and many confused heads trying to intellectualise for the sake of a quick dopamine boost via a smile from that chick that is really just feeling sorry for you. Because she knows, you still use plastic bags.
Each of our problems has aspects of the those I mentioned, social, political, financial, economic, technological and theoretical, that need to be overcome.
How much responsibility does the individual possess when facing these challenges? Only as much as they claim. What I'm getting at though, is if we want to keep this ball rolling then what the fuck are we doing? 
Hemp. Multifaceted energy systems. Organic as global standard. A major reduction in Tonnage of fish caught and areas to catch fish. Do fucking something about Fukushima. Do something about the waste yard circulating our oceans. Stop drilling for Oil for plastics, fuel or pesticide or whatever else we make out of the shit. Less cars on the road for air quality and centralised heat spikes.
Why is McDonald's cutting down the Amazon?
Why do we continue to use nasty farming practices?
How can BP get away with poisoning the Gulf of mexico, to name the one the know about, with a slap on the wrist?
Poisoned water wells from fracking?
Your best friend just bought a Truck, but he lives in the city and has no stuff to move? This is kind of where I want to get to, is this where we would do our best - changing consumer habits. That sounds like a slap in the face from an idiot. Here. 100% of people, as consumers, you just buy different shit and we - the void of populace - will provide the new tech' to solve the problems without you lifting a finger... other than to one click buy it from Each of us can assume responsibility for solving the problems in hands on, technical and practical ways.
It's not so far fetched to get maybe 10 different nurseries to donate 50 plants a business, per year - yourself. Not a major campaign! But with the number of Nurseries around and I know they throw away or burn stock they can't sell - what if we each knew a guy that had organised one of these, with a local school as well to help plant them. Something small globally but personally - quite some input. 
It wouldn't be difficult to get an ad in a local paper, or to get your friends to share a message over social media, about new habits to limit our negative impact on our environment.

So, to finish off here, let me say - I'm not a huge 'greeny'. I talk quite a big game and I know a lot more than most, so my self appointed responsibility should be higher - but it's not. Want to know why, I haven't seen a lot of environmental degradation. It's not apparent, like Race or gender for me personally. Those things don't play a huge role in how I live from day to day. The privilege of the first world. Yet privilege is a gift, that most of us squander - we use it  to be ignorant and hateful. When we need to be innovative and loving. Use your privilege of not having to worry so much from day to day how you will eat or seeing the destruction of the Amazon - to learn. As much as you can. And spread good ideas. Motivate your friends to do more. Motivate yourself to do more. Make each other accountable for this new era of issues we are in and solve them! Help me solve them!
Got any creative ways to fix a few of the problems I lime lighted?
Much Love. Stay golden and maybe a little greener. 

- Ryan Dickinson