Poking between dicks and vaginas.

A woman can share homosexual experiences, without any repercussion of potentially being ostracised. I think I wrote that same line in another blog. But I'm not here to talk about acceptance so much as I am talking about equality. White Male broaching the subject of equality, risky like a child friendly pastor. 
Women can debate all day long the merits of men and it not be considered sexist or objectifying.
Doesn't the fact that a man is socially not allowed to discuss the 'feminist movement', on the grounds of 'you don't get it' - kind of throw out the window the notions of it being an 'equal rights movement'. Doesn't it kind of become a movement 'for' Women and not 'for' an equal existence?

My point isn't to drive any wedges between Men and Women, lord knows there exists enough of that, but rather to show that the scales have tipped. You have been 'equal'-ised. What exists in disparity of 'pay' is due to 'earnings' not 'wage'. Men 'earn' more, by virtue of working more hours. Women have the same 'wage' - but due to pregnancy and subsequent care of the child, women tend to work fewer hours than men. There are of course women who this doesn't apply to, for obvious reasons, who would be on the high end of the average.
Don't hate something that isn't here. Don't make things worse than they are.
Women in the west are just like Men in the west, sometimes over appreciated and sometimes under appreciated - that is equality folks.
Women the world over, are not in the same boat, as the frumpy men hating 'feminists' that want to scream at something, often disregard. Women in the Middle east, Africa and Asia - have a level of problems far exceeding those in the 'west'. Women are certainly abused and attacked here in the West, despite the verbal tick 'It's never OK to attack a woman' (Apparently for some, in a determined-by-concious-action-kind-of-way, it is OK) I ask of us - "How many women have been stoned to death here? Or had her eyes pulled out and tongue cut off?" - these heinous acts reflecting an unjust and barbaric environment for the perpetrator are being conducted against such minor infractions as: Walking down the street with a man who is not related to you by blood or marriage (Additionally, many women from many places on the globe are forced to marry - high chance he is two to three times older than the woman/girl), Divorce (Or attempt of), honor (An honor killing being a paradox of reality, what honor is there for murder of a buried person by way of pelted rocks?), for having any kind of relationship with anybody outside of their particular 'socially conformist' situation. In PNG, just above our heads (For the Australians), female 'criminals' - often judged as guilty of 'sorcery' - are raped and assaulted in a communal 'assault shed' by all the men of the particular village. Even if the female 'criminal' is nine years old. I won't commit the due diligence of actually finding the truth of the previous implications and instead assume that it may never have happened here. That is my right as a sovereign human, with the innate right of freedom of will, I choose to remain specifically ignorant of that particular piece of information. Only because I choose to cater to my laziness. For no malevolent reason I assure you.
Though these acts are common place (common as relative to 'western' rates) occurrence in the places I listed, does not fade, to background white noise, the degree at which women face sexualised or genderised attacks or oppression. 

An open world view is necessary for growth and progress though I am inclined to think that 'gender specific movements' work against this. I am contending not that women in the west need to 'shut up and know their place' or 'act like a good little girl' or any form of patriarchal belittling - my expression of this concept may well leave me appearing to be 'ill informed' or of 'ill intent' - I simply have observed that the majority of systems and conditioning in the west is not looking to oppress or victimise women.
Please someone open an dialogue, dispute my points, If I even have made any real ones. I wish to explore this, I wish to more openly approach subjects and I need openness to be reciprocated - no matter the intent. To be consciously aware of our own perspectives on these matters is incredibly important to creating the better environment we desire. 

Again I am not here to downplay the crimes against women in the first world. I don't know how we as one gender, could 'hate' the other - without a hate of our own gender. Gender is less apparent to me because I am not negatively judged for being a particular gender. Enlighten me to what you see.

- Ryan Dickinson