Break The Mold

in A state of pure Thursday night reflection I find something as precious as reflection itself, my gratitude of immense measure for those around me.
The livelyhood of the entirety of my cure occurs in the mouth, eyes and heart of those that are dearest to me, is this the end?
People seem to find A place of peace and serenity, serene unity with what it is and how it may occur but to no end does this avail, void of, the who of what makes this time so outstanding.
As far as I can tell and while memory serves to remind us of similarities, nothing of this kind has lived before - I genuinely feel as though we, those of the hills crew, are redeeming the essence of community and the fundamentals of love in order to better navigate this confusing pile.
The fragmented impression of adults is at most prominence in the disregard of non productive child like behaviour and in these stale environments we attempt greatness. Like A fish trying to swim as it sails through the air, ship bound - only the chased fillet of more delicious fish may save you.
But with genuine consideration I am internally sound when bramble bush pushing tricks are known to all. I pass to those willing to listen A sense of worth implied by birth, this most simple and mundane of gifts is so excluded from run of the mill duties that one sees it as A blessing of Divinity, A grace so alien it seems to be running on a different beat laced in the codes of phenomena for foreign systems.
But truly, to no others am I more grateful than the myriad oddity constituents of The Hills Crew.
Long live such pandemonium.

- Ryan