5 Ways To Exorcise The Demons Of Ignorance From Neighbours

Anxiety is only A sane response. Depression is standard. Normal is 'disorder'. 
Normal is 'disorder', looking at it from two perspectives - 'disorder' as a state of worsening or worse and 'disorder' in reference to no one being 'ordered' - is an apt summation of where I will go with this.
I started writing a joke last night (I do it from time to time though rarely share) in regards to the verbal diarrhoea along the lines of 'be realistic' or 'live in reality' where I begin a point by point rant simply by saying 'Ok'.
I accept your challenge Mister Realistic. 
I want to fulfil an intention of 'dispense of ignorance' and this involves a two fold party system. Mine. Yours. 
Lets start with us. Passive aggressively, you.
Ignorance is rife or so I thought when writing this line, however, we are not ignorant, we are merely informed in matters that particular vested interests are wanting us to be aware of.
Simply put.
My old man was telling me of his Girlfriend's daughters who take information at face value from the Internet. Don't do this. First rule of safe and effective Internet use is - Check several perspectives and sources before self-confirming any information. 

It's OK to say 'I don't know' if you find yourself in a debate on any topic. 'I don't know, I haven't looked into it'. When inquiring on a subject, ask 'What are so and so saying about it?' referring to involved parties, not the wanna-be reporter in-front of you who only wants to give you his opinion. on unspecified but said matter. 

There is a very fine line, some could say non existent, to follow in not ego fluffing and playing the blame game when discussing behaviour that 'should' or 'shouldn't' be. I wish not to indulge in self flattery. I wish not to appear as though I am dictating, from a set example of my own - I am new to this and really new to being critical or even self supportive. I am fresh on these tracks too, lets see if we can walk there together.

The largest issue facing Australians and likely the same for other first world countries, is the lack of individual involvement in community affairs, either local or national. 'Global' issues are a bit of a tough pill to swallow, lets focus with what's wrong here and then lead by example. Get involved people, Me, You. Everyone. All of us. The enormous changes that need to take place, will likely take a few lives and plenty of broken glass but as my friend Jacob pointed out 'It has to be peaceful' (He said passive but I find that to mean inactive) - We must approach ourselves and one another peacefully. Stand up for yourself while avoiding violent confrontation. Stand up for others with the same vigilance. You may need to physically defend yourself but let that be a last resort. Love, understanding and unconditional acceptance will move mountains of error and frustration.

If you are reading this and have noticed that I don't segway well or maintain continuity of content - I hope you can forgive me.

Much love and keep your eyes open. Trust not in what YOU see but instead see what IS there.

- Ryan Dickinson