Something to consider: Financial mismanagement at the cost of survival

In the beautiful and revelatory situation we find ourselves in - People in the first world can almost guarantee themselves food/water/shelter, The internet allows instant communication to 3 billion people and access to MOST of our collective knowledge, Money is easier than ever to acquire - there exists still many disparaging examples of lackluster thinking.
One of these examples I would like to point to is the spending of Governments worldwide.
Now before we get too far, I want to say - I am not an expert. I have read a few articles and checked out plenty of interviews with the people who find or think of this stuff but as a Human being involved directly with most going ons in the world today, my voice actually matters. Our voices matter and our perspectives on the decisions made FOR the collective by representatives, MATTERS.
So getting on with it. Some startling numbers to consider:


Now I use the numbers of the US for one reason, they spend the most. Whether or not there is a responsibility for the US to solve these problems with more progressive spending, the facts stand to epitomise, if in a general and singular sense, the lackluster thinking I was referring to. Imagine, for a second, Thirteen thousand more educated kids guaranteed. Knowing, for those who don't experience it, that no one is going hungry through lack of trying and being in that situation, I can ONLY imagine how relieving that would be. Just think about it.

The next numbers fact I would like to discuss is our own, the public miss spendings - Australian's spend $14.1B on Alcohol a year.
That's almost half the funds required to defeat World Hunger. Spent on booze. Now I'm a Smoker, I don't advocate but I want to be honest and I spend (well any amount is unnecessary) but about $30 a week - $30 x 52 = $1560 a year. Even $1560 a week is quite a bit for an individual on something that does nothing, really, but shorten your life. Booze, could be argued to have some benefit but how often would a normal person spend $100 a week on booze? I'd say most of us, most weeks. I'm not a big Drinker but when I do, I will spend that easy - in a night. Now straight up $100 seems marginal, but that's $5k a year - or $14.1B Australia-wide. Adds up quick don't it.
We generally consider expenditure from the perspective of 'I spend this much money' and rarely, even for a thought exercise, run through it again with 'Individually, we spend this much money'. The difference in conclusion is this. From the standard perspective - 'I spend this much money, my spendings are so irrelevant to the overall spendings that it doesn't actually matter if I spend $100 this week or $200 next week - my spendings won't change anything out there'. From the other perspective - 'Individually, we spend this much money collectively, making up the whole. My spendings are not irrelevant and do make a difference. The extra $5K in my pocket means little to my lifestyle, though my better decisions affect the people around me and with this money I could make a yearly donation to fight starvation - doing my part' Seeing yourself not as the center of your financial storm but rather tied into the global financial storm. Attempting to switch the direction of the whole storm all at once, is the Ant trying to move the mountain, however, being a passive-non participator doesn't work either.
The Monk in the mountains does nothing for the people below.
Think and Act more toward a better or lesser (depending on your perspective of the Storm analogy) storm and tell the people around you to be more concious of their actions.
Don't preach Veganism at Mcdonald's, not eating while your friends have to shame chow. Take a cut lunch and eat it next to them.
There are many social rules against doing such a thing but I say social rules be damned! 
And look I don't want to get it twisted, I'm not implying eating a cut lunch at Mcdonald's is the same as occupying the Bus seat in the segregated south. I'm not even really saying to actually do it. Just attempt to take a different approach, mentally, to common situations. The Veganism at Mcdonald's was an analogy.
But basically you want to try to subtly imply the impact each of us carries, with voting through our wallet. More effective and less frustrating than waiting for Politicians to make change :)

I often find that I will close a discussion like this off - before it's finished.
It's not so much that we need to 'tell' our governments what we want - I think since they operate as the sole facilitators of many institutions and services, we need to 'show' them how we want them to operate.
Demonstration, Internet uproar, changes in spending trends, self health and education facilitation. Corner stones of the New era of existing as a Global Citizen. For the first time, each one of us is responsible and accountable to and for everybody.

I would suggest everybody check out the entrepreneur and business coach, Tai Lopez. Check his website and his youtube channel - his ideas, derived from the smartest/bravest/most impactful among us, will knock the dust off your mind and allow you to better navigate this fast paced and complex new world we find ourselves in.

I'll likely re-broach this subject again soon and on a consistent basis as my own understanding deepens.

Leave me a comment, What do you spend the bulk of your 'disposable' income on? Mine is Coffee and cheap goods off ebay - plus books, I spend alot on books but I spend more money on books than I do time reading them.
Don't be mediocre people, that's how sinister agendas are fulfilled.

May the Government never declare your ideas radical and extreme, much love.

- Ryan Dickinson