Our Myco-saviour: How Mushrooms can clean up OUR mess!

I'd like to point to a video I viewed a few years ago now, that opened me up to a very interesting set of facts and their possible implications. The entities we are discussing - They are not Animals, though more closely related than we think, they are not quite plants but have a symbiotic relationship with them.
The Mushroom, or more appropriately the Fungi. 
Paul Stamets calls for the reorganisation of our houses of Life to include one for the Fungi.
The mysterious but mostly misunderstood phallic shaped fruit of the mycelium (The body of the Fungi/Mushroom in this case) and the underground network of nutrient-swapping-symbioses known as mycelium, are among the oldest known organisms to have set up shop on Earth, possibly even being the first land based life form.
Mushrooms range in potential applications from hair-mat oil-absorbers that you grow Oyster Mushrooms on to turn the bio-carbons (oil) into clean air while also cleaning up water - to the manufacturing of totally compostable packaging materials - to the soil re-mineralisation and Water de-contamination necessary due to Epicurean Farmers - to the CURE for Depression/Anxiety/Discontentedness/PTSD through the psychotherapy assisted ritual use of Psilocybin containing mushrooms.
Much love for the Mushrooms and much love for Paul Stamets for bringing so much of this information to light.
Below I'll link to articles on the other applications I mentioned, letting Paul Stamets give you his.

Compost packaging materials made from Mushrooms-
Evocative Design

I'll list a couple for the treatments using Psilocybin Mushrooms -
MAPS on the topic
NY Times on the topic
Vice on the topic


- Ryan Dickinson


In this talk, Paul Stamets gives mind opening insight on the far reaching benefits of Fungi in solving many Human problems.