X roads

Crossroad missing on life's mission
Adventure tripping, falling and piecing
Your plot back together
Like a journey through mistaken identity
To defend the ends that meet
Myself and me
Lost in the lies of distant eyes
Time surmise the depleting ties
Incoherent memories I never see the best of me
Potentially it's god that speaks from there
It's love I starve to keep
But the ropes stripped of hopes grip
I might slip into essence of I
Which resides in base of the spine
I spy the cause of my demise
Who's fine?
We dine on the poison crops and reside amongst deadly flocks
What's more
We're lost in thoughts of dawn at the shots
That plot against have nots
In the place of the have lots
As the decision to split one into two
Becomes undone
Introducing divorce and shattered glass floors
To implore the door to head home
Is to applaud the lost whores
Who leave us short
And wanting of naught

- Ryan Dickinson