Welcome To The Solstice

Festive seethings for the Family gatherings
Scenes of feasting but beatings in speeches
Hording the resources
Enforcing traditional courses
Welcome to the end of the year

Time takes no toll on the clocks on walls
Cortisol? I'll have three with my morning coffee
Juggle responsible living with responsible consumption

Take an opportunity to trust yourself - empty pockets of sand

Trumpets designate your pyre

It's not so good, Christmas is uninspired
Traditions are tired
Families high strung, stress wired
Who's name is it in? Wolton, Wozniak, Gates and Bell
Groups would one provide carols but the ring and sing is an Apple

Viracocha, your sons made festivals of exchange that feed Wealthy structures
We still say happy birthday but no longer say welcome to the Solstice
NORAD, A list and thorny brush. Hats, movies and stories
Nick they called him, with a knife cutting his body from the Earth

Fowl play and Swine haunches - I'm dreaming of a red killing floor

Seasonal disruption showcasing selfish drive and anti-social dissent
From where I'm standing the matches are all lit and you exhale fumes
Do habits get a free pass when it comes to who's responsible?
Traditions considered holier than thou? Redistribute honest connection as a tradition

Santa is an ad, Humanity has been gulled.

- Ryan Dickinson

- Ryan Dickinson


Ryan Dickinson