Turning Heads

Planet dependent Space fairing reckless heart dissenters
They mention the temples of Asia in glee
Yet support the bombing of the middle east
Feasting on the gore
Twiddling thumbs until satiated with more

Kiln fired stern of slacking
Judgemental and attracted to screen distractions
Addicted to passive time passing
Some half alive but settled
I will start dealing in, peddling unrest
For I detest my lethargy
Only because I revel and swim in it
Bathtub filled with the blood of our decency
Yet it just wont sink in

Goreaphile and reality hydrophobic
Trained as soldiers and stoned on the falic pipe of standard of living
We've got to be kidding
It's A privileged position you're sitting in
Blood of the innocent fuelling your ride
Empathy drips from the fangs of our culture we keep alive
Is your 9 to 5 worth that sacrifice?

This will come as no surprise
But we have A deep seeded lack of respect for Life.

- Ryan Dickinson