Trinket Fisted

I don't speak my two cents
Unless I've got A few truths
Tall tales don't review well
You can smell the compensating from A mile away
So let me just say first that this is an opinion
But that's all anybodies got so I'll begin

Beneath the streets at night
In the shadow of the street lights
The worth of tonic words can be heard in the worst places
Mirth faces
Mistakes made by the honest Earth shakers
Culture rattles like the cages of rule breakers
And this is where your kids get the drugs they've been taking
Mainstream forsaken with the hair cuts and tight cuffs and conditional trust
But there's Love and community lust
We're not dangerous
We're here to save us
It's the weirdos who rise up and change what's stuck
Development rut
Necessary waste by-product, not us, the shit we've gotta fix
The mistakes been made and we've been trained in the alternative
Relinquish your fervour fist
Playing tricks and smoking mix
And be the twist no one expected.

- Ryan Dickinson