Trappings of splatterings

Down out dicing
Rolling for A seven
In A game of pairs
Keep the odds against yourself
To be A loser
Just the way you want

Blue skin
From holding in
Trying to end it
Resting in trenches
Waiting for the cave in

Why aren't you saving yourself?
You, are what it's all about

I stamp on the edge
Hoping it breaks
Cause I'm not courageous
And that's quite A jump

What is the reason for giving up?

Do sins repent with the bleeding wrists?
Do achievements fill your wall after your brain is scraped off it?

If I gave you A smile, would you stay awhile?

The Teacher is the home
Battleground the school
The lessons are in your bones
The wounds are your loathing

Forgiveness is unconditional love and unconditional accountability

Hold your self as potential
'Cause no one knows you
They don't know them

Fix? it ain't broke
The world is fucked and we did it, feel the suffering
Yet it exists A perfection by nature at birth
No fix, it ain't broke
We are A parasite not A symbiote
Uncaring on somebody else's boat
And you're feeling the groan
The crack of the throne
That we built on piles of bones

If you feel like this
Something isn't wrong
You are feeling an honest reaction
To gross negligence
And hateful ignorance
You're not innocent
But all it takes is being A better citizen

It's not so difficult
Just uncomfortable

- Ryan Dickinson