The Snakes Of The North

The Snakes Of The North took the world by storm

A thunderhead of tongues and scales

Freezing the ground they crawled on and the hearts they touched

Cold ways from their cold womb


The Snakes Of The North poisoned the waters of thought

Moist nature tampered with by Ouroborous going straight

Taking the hard line

These lines designate the borders on their empire

An empire of patient predators

Bad eyes but willing to lunge at conclusions from hand puppet shadows

Fangs sunk deep into their brethren's neck 

On demand


Hold onto the sticks in the mud for A landslide victory

Winning all the riches Anubis can offer

How heavy is A frozen heart?

Well it depends who's judging


The Snakes Of The North report no casualties

It's only ever the enemy that dies

These are not the snakes of Eden, yet

The flicking of their tongue is the swaying of your mind

Convinced to bite the hand that needs you

How were you to know? you've got bad eyes being A Snake Of The North

Feel that chill? That's your heart


We burn history to stave off an ice age

With so many cold stares and such cold blood

Isn't it evidence that the Snakes have always won?

Until the last second is swallowed and digested

We shall eat dust, crawling on our belly, freezing in the sun on stolen land, hands all chewed up,

Sure we were once kings.

- Ryan Dickinson