The New Eternal

His eminence Leviathan imminent
Alive and entitled

Deliberately immanent the clouds of Neptune
Concealed by Diamond rain
The Goddess stands in awe or so the myths suppose
Her friends in fall
Like Western culture, that's mostly advertising
Proselytise the profits rise

His eminence Leviathan
Alive and entitled
Arrives in time for the hearing of right handed thief, a trial by fire jury
The light that giveth judgement, to those who seek it
Eminent Leviathan surfaces, among the riotous and mutable
Advertisers sell it to the riotous and rigid
Pioneers of the wall, eternally
The taste of sour grapes drives Eminent Leviathan toward Atlantian fate
Sacrament forests heed and feed themselves to the riotous and mutable

The Goddess is in A Diamond tomb, value in catacombs
Beyond worth
Immanent Neptune
Submerged grave safe as such until the flood comes
And reveals too much

The riotous and rigid find only pockets for kites to fly in
The riotous and mutable have found wind and stones that support Eminent Leviathan from Sacrament forests sacrificed offers
The tame and rigid find fire and wood highlighting the scriptures on witches to the devoutly paranoid
The tame and mutable find fire and stone providing the warm light that signifies A paradigm shift
It's for these, His Eminence Leviathan listens
Whispers are spread through stone to the riotous and mutable
Trough fire to the tame and rigid
Through forest song wind to the riotous and rigid, though reception suggests they're hard of hearing or not ready yet
The New Sacrament influenced

The cultures so indebted to adventure, as masks are concerned the memories are plagiarised, and the rigid are ignorantly vicarious
Have A substance deficit
A fulfillment requisite
The populace remains nescient of offers to represent such
And the sacrament is found again
Trust in the forest, trust in sacred pattern of ancient memory

Through no struggle she owns, Neptune was absent of supreme beings
Carrying A diamond for Arithmetic
A diamond for Geometry
A diamond for Music
And A diamond for Astronomy
The other three were crowning, The Goddess A patient of Owl illumination, Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric
Triangulating the process of receptive understanding

The sons of where the 3 roads meet brand themselves with A hypocrisy
'Through me, the blind become sighted'
A direct contradiction to the lesson from Goddess given so long ago

His Eminence Leviathan creates A target landing space for Goddess of willing and mutable
No longer riotous as the calm of reentry settles in and The Goddess emerges into the atmosphere
No faster than necessary
They hail the Chaos from order
Discordant Eris
Does understanding snap freeze the moment so as to allow the mind to breach it's innards?
The congregation permits trust to backlight their perceptions
Unconditional acceptance of the truth as fluid
Intuition receptive
Never hesitating to be silent
Dao breathe

The sons of where the 3 roads meet blame the ship of time that the captive audience has learned the tricks
They tighten the choker and trust they can surf the Chaos, despite being several generations out of practice

Morning dew rises with the softest of steps
The early adopters, who are thirteen in percentage
Markets open to retail the creations from Eris' novernity children
The garden's are immaculate permacultures
Rusted is the service to Platonic Aristotelians
The Goddess is cemented and carved into stone all through the stewarded Grove
The Sacrament forest breathes life into 'necessary atrophy', the trademark of Corporatocracy, felled like A weed in the pillarairy fields; That space behind the eyes
The children meditate with partner plants to rise and meet the father with somatic stomata flexed for clarity of radiant reception
To serve is to express
Feather the nest with colours that interest only the preference of temperature rigid
Pronouns are slippery, preaching to A fluid crowd - roles unnecessary, when we and us is considered prima materia, vicus veris
Recensare Terra Vicus Veris

Classrooms open air, open to those who listen to the breathe leading you next and forward
Favourites span the depth of this community
The elders of Atlantis were slain by an assassin they trained
And the nest built for MIA angels, this empire, was whipped into A rejuvenation epoch
With our revival and wise thriving recital, the child and the mature are one and the same, as development has no plateau, development has no plateau the child and the mature are one and the same
Duality has become A curved spectrum the vista of behaviour
Preference is necessary without A credence for exclusion
We sing from bridge to lab to cradle side
Struggles with self are of Mastery, pious in pursuit of passion
Full moon animal dances ritualised to spread Magick intent through the embers as prayer to Eris's ear
The machines were eaten by the roots and Mushrooms, A fresh and symbiotic neural network
Connections that share preference from the oak or the river
The Shamans have returned, en masse
Lighting the way through patient growth and receptive clarity of potential
They hug, we kiss, they shake, we bump
Affection is rampant, the issue is how to fit enough folks into any one expression of such

Neighbour, friend, family are irrelevant
Global village, local tribe, tuned to the digital and the expressive
Aware of fluid nature
Global village, local tribe, tuned to the digital and the expressive
Aware of fluid nature

Though the winters are bitter, we live only where sustainable
The builders of isolation renovate vacant lots of Sacred Groves
Unsupervised and utilise trust as leverage for dishonesty
There is A code, flexible, contextual and necessary
Old habits forged in vaults, melt the ice
More water for some and less ice that covers temperature maintenance
The drones take responsibility
Vigilance is innate and practiced, though it's the most precious that are vulnerable to malevolence
Sacred silent Groves decimated and requiring the greenest of thumbs and tendermost patience to revive

Change is constant with mastery as fundamental mantra
Necessary evils for the greatest of good, masters of balance
Challenge ritualised, the struggle for illuminated practice
Beyond good and evil, when under reflective influence, the good, the true and the beautiful are Recensare Terra Vicus Veris Praecipua - Changing Earth Village Truth Fundamentals
Beyond good and evil, when under reflective influence, the good, the true and the beautiful are Changing Earth Village Truth Fundamentals

The tame and mutable have begun to question convicted standards and the cell considered foundational to it's status
Thus the worth of words is found in youthful fluidity
Decadence peddled as the last taboo, but we all knew it was money
Bombs recycled
Munitions sacrificed
Nukes repurposed and the waste found A purpose
It took an incident that no one expected and then fair debate
The Elders were all slain by assassins they trained
Who finally started behaving
Bloodshed did not soil the turmoil of A brick by brick, conscious deconstruction of an empire
Oh how the kings did protest

A council was established with circles in all corners, to speak locally most accurate and provide context for symbiosis
Slow is smooth and smooth is fast
An attitude is dispelled, as the council is burdened with complaints of dragging feet so the vocally concerned were asked 'how long should this take?' they offered no answers, of which there were precisely none - as this has never been done before and, if done well, won't require repetition for another thousand years
For the first time in several millenia, minds projected forward in time could do so without A necessary end prophetically present
The waters rise, to cheers of 'new beach front!'
While the forests encroach and refertilise the land to be valuable once again
The temperatures raise and promote further plant growth
The funghis kingdom purified the waters and ate the radiation, humbling Humanity and were the first to be consulted on Symbiogenesis
Cocoon panic broken and the conception of the Terra Vicus Symbio Veris Recensare - Earth Village Symbiotic with Truth and Change is catalysed in the waters of Time
The fundamentals are expanded and reordered
Symbiotic Earth Village With Change Through Mastery With Truth
Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric
Semantics handled with Enochian prowess, those who speak like Angels
For whom feeds the growth of language if not the benders of Possible?

So many angles of the great change and many new expressions colouring the flexible structure
Symbiosis emphasised
Mastery emphasised
Community and truth emphasised
Change necessary, expected and invested in

Fruit of the tame blossom grown wild with walls removed, expresses A fiery rainbow passion spectrum flower tune and leaf hue
Novelty retroactive
Boundaries of Possible, applauded and ordinary is eaten in virgin potential wilds
The new pioneers rescue adventure, surprising it with territories unexplored
Humble in service to infinity
For A time geodesic thrones partially inter-dimensional, sitting is fine for A short time
Enter the cyber-net, itself partially constituted of soul, to stand above Crown and below Divinity
Intraconception externalised through molecular extrusion, fueled by desire of existence
To live is enough to create
To create is enough to live
We ataraxiate in creative union with Goddess and Sacrament ritual symbiotic stewardship with village truth, floated on vicissitude, the aspect of change

Sing to the clap of crickets and beat of intrigued hearts, intuitive rhythm
Dance among the shadows in full view of sunset and sunrise, rivalling their showcase, not out of sport but as honest reception
Count the stars, draw connections and read the cycles
Build from shapes the structured manifestations that Gaia provides in abundance, Symbolic Symbiosis and speaking in pre-babel tongues
It's the thing not the experienced being, it's not the name, it's the experienced being
We create as the expression of earthliness, cosmicites, Universians
The language of life is first; Pattern. Second; Form. Third; Symbol
Magick spoken unto Chaos
The flowers must then be untended to blossom.

- Ryan Dickinson