The Aqueducts Of Dishonesty

No more lies
No more lies
The surface is disturbed by abundant lies
No more lies
No more lies
I don't want to be afraid of you
No more lies
I drown in impossible situations
Defined that way
By the lies and liar who forgets or refuses to repent
Be responsible and calm
Tell the truth
You know how to do it
Don't be alarmed, says the mechanic of behaviour
Wasting time
The blaze
The blaze is alight
Wasting the future for an avoidance of accountability
Tell the truth you know how to do it

Abuse your stability
Abuse your coherence
Abuse your trajectory
Abuse abuse
By not telling the truth

Honesty is the only policy
The rest is miss direction

The backlog of things to be said
Is parallel
And when spoken
Opens the psyche for retroactive self forgiveness

The lies of the independent
Individual addendum to the presence of self
Felt within
Channelled by what is out
I doubt that it has no effect
The lives
The Love
The tribal acceptance
We are empty
So fill in for the echoing chill of silent necessities
With violence
Delight in the thread count
Or the Atomic flash black mirror traps
But know!
It is of dust
And there is not enough dust to fill us.