The AIM is not lost

Do not care for yourself
Or do it for anyone else
Consider the self, all self, one self

Do not care for your nation
or do it for any other
Consider the nation, all nation, one nation

Do not care for your land
or do it for foreign expanse
Consider the land, all land, one land

Do not care for your people
Or do it in another's name
Consider the people, all people, one people

Do not care for your trees
Or do it for another's crop
Consider the trees, all trees, one tree

Do not care for you Waters
Or do it for something bottled
Consider the Waters, all waters, one water

When we capture beauty
Name it
And decide, how I named it, more important than how you experience it is the end of community.
Civilised man is reckless in creation and golems of oppression obsess us all at one time or another. It's the tragedy of A fear ridden God that he needs material stability and cannot recognise that it is all already here and need only be appreciated.

- Ryan Dickinson