Tarahumara choose shoes nada

Hawks soar when sun roars
Huddled among the valley floors
Shifted and itched for sprinting
Was the Tarahumara running force

The story goes
They changed their homes whenever new colours showed face
They bathed in sun glow forced others into sun stroke
Rinsing in suns sink
And living off corn whiskey
Sure footed, they loose the race starter
A hundred miles they jet toward the sun set
Best among them is any number
What is light to them others over encumber
Brave shouts from the clan of running mountains naked
Sharing what they have
And adopting philosophy that possibly
An Enemy will befriend he who uses peace to reach an agreement
Rubber tread or bare foot running crew
Sift through garbage before donning new shoes
What motivates you they have an idea of
No cancer, diabetes or heart failure
Beauty of Freedom
Trail blazing, savy hiding and tales for ya

You will never find them.

- Ryan Dickinson