Solid Shot Shulgin

I'll just take a moment
To re-thank the intake

It's a forbidden decision
To cleanse the system
With some Shulgin assistance
But while my teeth are powdered
I'd love a shower

Let me step out of
Short sighted recklessness
With planned unscripted
Psychedelic experience

It's just occurred to me
That trusting in things
Occurring from me
Are better left as often laid
Beds of tilled commitment
It's never gone too left
On two wheels
Unless rights will yield
To the sealer or sealant
As it blocks the pores of content emission

A stated pre mission
Was get the bottom
The problem of things
Hesitant servitude
Housebound hermit
Paying unowed dues
Go pledge it

Unness of oneness is present
When presently pestered persistent glue sheeple
They bind the great thinkers like severed head voids
Dilluting tempered reason with common noise

So many of us sum it up
In a couple decades flat
While knowing that
Generations show the fact
Continuing to act though
Like trumped charges at a race cull
I will have you know
As we lull
With rumbles of brutal circumference
The disturbance is wide spread

Lies stressed
From outlet to in-debt
You need death
To detract from lives tacked
From one another's stockade
Of best laid mock trade
But we spiked a flag for good luck
Rest in pieces with the Ku Klux

They need the hatred that's garnered
From protest as protester's lay wakeless
Denied of indictment
The indignant ignorance lime lighted

Necessary investment
Of mind mapping poetics
The language of no limits
Saved by verbal bells
Like a picked up beat jump
Rarely expressing the mumbles

But likewise
As night rises
The light emitting dual inning
Wrestled with as true meaning

I'm a kind blessed bleeping
Not a bred leader of these people
But if I don't continue,
Then who will?

- Ryan Dickinson