Tan drying fresh lies to tell sun pickled lies
I reminisce on spite I decided to light in you
Live with due fright from the cross trialling trying
Of fights all the time
And I don't expect these seconds to explain my intention
Or the direction that our relationship went in
Just know I need to grow
And you have to contend with the strength you own
But own it and stow it
Or throw your life into the arms
Of some charming disarmer
Dreams depart then

I hallowed my hollow self and didn't care for anyone else
But I melt and in a pool of regret I forgive my miss step
Hope that next I'm better if not my best
Sample size minimal so information seems general
But from anecdotal evidence
The pretence of a charming prince
Has you convinced
You need to settle for less
And discard your best

Is it essential you pair off and accept the same debt
Of your parents don't forget there's no escape from our fate
Try not to bake reality sugar coated
It bloats the proposal creating topics of no go
Suppose it's OK for man handle caring
Of sweethearts not daring to stand
And demand respect from their man

- Ryan Dickinson