Rub and test volume

Mind think this that
Argue back
Employ shock therapy tactics
Fantastic debate practice
But to state joy factors
Is just being a noise factory
Getting back to me
Continuities continuity is a futility epitome
A daily lunging search that hurts
Coerce the yearning for certainty
Being symbolised by what you want to see
And burn to feel
But the fill is a resin that cares for transparency
And the urgency for parenting
Has never been more necessary
Scaring me is anything
Finger on the button
But I strive to revive the line
I am Alive
I am all right
Does constant inner banter re-mantle me broken
Or stoking the re-token of what's important
Portions of what were prudent
Are no longer prudent
And prove that growth is inevitable
No matter the distortions.

- Ryan Dickinson