Paper Plane Legislation

Self doubt pierces receptive audience
Filling in the audit form with anxious formula
It's normal but is it any wonder most aren't Warriors?
The more we succumb comfort under it's thumb
The fewer, almost none that shoot for the stars
Falling short at Mars
Then the receptive audience remarks
How wonderful you are
Is that too hard?
A journey too far?
Forever Earth shaking, taking and complaining
I don't know how to start

We replaced the nation's brain with a schoolyard
Throwing paper planes that legislate our life's path
They decree the majority don't work hard
We need to remember that we'e called the Working class
For a reason
Dawn of our season
Just fucking start

Get to it our time's running out
While you sit and ponder around we empty oceans out
We need to decide what our story's about
The greatest tragedy in history?
Or a story of responsibility?

- Ryan Dickinson