Nameless Coup

Meticuli transcendentum
Eve's divine addendum
Merry children peaking between dimensions
Don't you know how important he is to himself
The bastard ordered shrines
Telling us to abide by righteous lines
He screams and cries
If we don't
Fuck what he wrote

All receive the fall of man

A cataract  on third eye caused by empty statues
Ceramic and fractured by factors interpretive of miss direction

Danger preach
Saves on need to teach
Danger preach
Plague of suckling divine teet
Danger preach
Take A seat and let your heart retreat

Block out radio waves from energy towers
They tell the way and imbue the receiver powerful
Personal mouthful

All taste
All hate
Is extension and expression and not
The Dao

Identical in opposite
Free through regulation, not quite the same statement
But the notion is potent and hopeful

True but invalid to you
'Cause I'm an edge looking in too

Implosive expression of godhead digest
Deliberate muck dried on chest, the best most express

Sahara stark embargo of change
The rebirth of the sage sets the stage for real weirdness to engage fuss and save us

Though we are in free fall
A matter of will we remember anything at all
Can we grow wings mid fall?

- Ryan Dickinson