Intro down the road

Shredding evidence of Emotional connection
Affection rejecting
Quickest to the tongue seduction
Regardless if others feel something

Mark your territory with your interest
No hinting clearly
Market suggestions of bush clearing

I am exceptional as I stand
Good enough to be trapped by
Living separated

I am pen and you are paper
I am now and you are later
I'm a lockpick and you're the gatekeeper
I am confession and you are forgiveness

The Ego cries
An Ape inside sighs
I need touch
But the Human decides

Beast mode destroys hope
Reactions are all she wrote
When immediate and stoked
Of the boy inside broke
He lashes out nasty notes
Cheered by Egos on nasty boats
Douchebag semantics
And the hopeless romantics
Employ the same tactics
Of charmed relaxing
The practice of attraction
Instead of shared compassion

- Ryan Dickinson