Humble Servant

Here to give
For rushing gestures implore sweet moments
Out of tune with your out of tune melody
Believing just to time our demise
Rumour and snake oil catalogues fill with estimated distractions
I for one ignore them, bullied to avert my gaze

I'm here to give
So you can assume A self interested prejudice
"Blend with us!" in ominous tones your throat croaks

Here to give
Because taking was how I got here
It takes two
It takes nine months, then twenty something years
It takes - your breathe away
Well maybe not the fourth time around
Suggestive of why my desire to perform
After the opening scene didn't strike applause
Instead just A little disappointment
And something close to A friendly high five
But I'm fine
Because I'm here to give
Sometimes A little pass the parcel
But sincerely, otherwise, what else are you doin?

You're A marvel don't choose to forget it
To be in Heaven, look within
To be alive, know you are worthwhile
To be Human, don't follow the rules
To be yourself, be yourself.