Handball the crust

Implants on the Mind
Moral baggage to blind
And I'm the one who has to leave it behind

Cutting cycles is a great burden
I just want a dream and show I can earn it
The word on the street turns yearning to earning

But the safe life
Is compliment rife
The great greatness strife

I'm already awesome
I doubt personal sources
And here I work to simply endorse it

Reinforce the straws of supporting
Because I'm anxious about shining

I evoke engraved stones
Honesty tones
Then skip them and wait

It's not a statement but a question honestly
I just don't want to that thing
Will it really stay at the mouth of the spring?
Diluting and confusing everything?

I can't come back it?

If that's a dragon than my princess is dead
The incessant head messages to venture and rescue her

Renegading introspect hints at sense
Then indents the current tense as hollow
I anxiously swallow

For what borrows structured orders
Are borders where land moral mortars
Mud made of blood and love dust

Picking up the pieces I puzzle the meaning
But the whole involves additional seeming
Like a glue
But any thought of you
Is short of fraughting my half constructed moorings

So I live in fright
Or I stay the knife
Being ok with my life
And act right for me
No self funeral fee

I'll turn the key
When I'm ready.

- Ryan Dickinson