Everyman Part Two

I want to be touched and felt
I want colour and community
Culture and honesty
It's only here because it's not here
All day living at school in fear
Or all life all year you work until you'r near death
Here rests your source of mirth
Reach out and invite someone in
Switch their light from dim to openly bright
And don't forget we're the mantle of life's candle
Don't mumble let's ramble on
And share different stances in regard
To who man's us
Or how bombs can fix things
You like to heavy drink
That's cool
I like to smoke my shit
And pool the list of possible reasons
How come we're broke?
We need an industry stoke
We need to stop fucking joking
Our companies are foreign investment
Our resources traded for defences
Not one single sentence
Of outright treason
When politicians trade land for the seat at a table
Lay bare the water table and pollute our identity
With adani branded self destruction
Put all hands in and tear the heart out
We need to star again this time
With plans of direction and
Everyman leads us

- Ryan Dickinson