Everyman Part One

Heavy sand fills the silo on my back though it's decided
Entitlement inherited from style ghosts
Who wrote the relenting words in my throat
I am the everyman
I stare at commanding pyramid stand-ins
And wonder 'how can anyone here thunder?'
I see their blunders
And share these stories here under
Subverting and disturbing these covers
Lightning doesn't strike twice in the same place
They expect the forest to burn and fall in naming your grave space
They play two face on news stations
Blame the source of the flame on enemy tokens
That day
Which the Terrorists happen to play
But here to is the Everyman
The suit and tie sham
Is as just as you or I am
Rebuild the fam the communities broken
How many days has it been since you've spoken?
It's a high hang fruit just keep on poking
Are we too proud to be caught joking?
Serious it's all serious business
Well fuck this
Dismiss it
I want a minute
To figure
How I fit in this image.

- Ryan