Don't explore that which hides in shadows

There's an equilibrium of weakness
And we each know it's strengths
But our own, in tow
Are rarely known
So we pick and prod around the familiar bobbing apples
Plucking and judging
Doing us in for no one at the end
Where the means are skin
And only atrophy was your friend
He did it she did it
I didn't
I'm decent and you're all blasphemers
He eats it
And takes A backseat, full on humility
Blame with it, your tongue that plagues lips
Maybe my blood is your satiating
Role play and sit to be cast as legit
But you're just an extra for another's situation
Promoted by the show boaters for slowing the know-it-alls
And holding open the tone
For those who sing with privilege
Evil's lineage
Left over comforts after so much forced suffering
Now ain't that something
Trusted to be loved yet you act like the other thing
And stumbling into crowds uttering
'Fists over palms' proud
And so we all slip into orderly frowns
Audibly not allowed to express colour
We are the greys
Children of and parents to
Obey obey
Hate this place
The only change is levels of pain
Refrain refrain
From showing your true face
You're an emissary for the lucifuge
Those whom light scares
Bold like an absorbing pillar
So stuck in being told
Rigid like the whipping pole
And you are they whom flagellates
To try to beat the cold
Pressing it against your surface
You worship the first whip
Hurting and thirsty but you won't quit
Because there exists no escape
For the twins here fated
The oppressed and the tyrannical roam the same path
Hand in hand
Relying on the other to be there
For your position
If the cuffs fall off, you maintain the impediment until someone else comes along
We are the babes of misfortune
And we are victims to this swamp
We could get muddy anywhere
Why not stand in the muck that we want?

- Ryan