Do What Fans Your Flames And Be Quick About It

Her words contain the weight of the Earth
She maintains our current fate is mirth
She pertains to the search
For the Lazarus of thirst
The Man who decides when the fun will arrive
Digging in his heels he pushes the stone aside
With A little dance he leaves with fun revived

She smiles knowing
Her eyes wild, glowing and showing hope
She throws her wet rag moping to the mop bucket opening channels of evoking
The gauge for world understanding is crafting her own pipe to puff on
The pipe suggests that no home has locality
It's the Nomadic reality

Bellowing she wrinkles the mask beyond recognition
Her most destructive creation is breaking the system of resignation
She is aware that we are each not Culture fated
And decides to find HER path of satiation.

- Ryan Dickinson