Denial & A mask wrapped in E-paper

I let you idol when I should have had you muse
Easle for the canvas I dread to paint on
Chemical stripping laying twenties in Richmond though the audience is creep free
Bedlam housing the boy, I cool down his home voice, I rattle my rattle as A safety hoist, my choice to preach righteous due to my highness
Night falls on Cyprus and souls regale in freedom but Teacher man canes the sides tunnelling your travels
Gunner peace police hard guards in folly condemn their heart leaded
Eloquent praise, high speak high with Willie, depreciate essence of tenement self profiling with humble pie, baked in a vacuum, variable free
Sketch the acceptance for reasonable expression of experience, rematerialise the need for less material
Mind drool of tepid but proud fuck monkeys blinded by Cocks and Cunts and suits of Kashmir/silk blends and heart rate time keeping joy wrist watches and screams of oppression told with A smile and endless ways to murder free of guilt and catty Cunt walks and fascist holidays and racist politics and believing that race even exists and fuck monkey porn channels devoid of fantasy and enemies around every corner of your house and  powders to spill your grey matter over minded meat in desperate touch wanting and authority figures figuring their authority authorises you to their direction which we comply with happy to oblige and leaders that fuck little boys and flash dance ad attention spans exacerbated by youtube celebrity heavy cutting and Cancer fighting plants that kill millions with isotope fertilisers and parental support and parental disputes and babes decisions and flock supervision but no common sense

We deck the holes of trouble with mirrors and project out reflections of distortion and stressors and what may come shall be forced to the tune of respective cultures

Decency drumming match the marching beat to be free of street seekers in sweat stripped bleak bleachers spotted pixel sharp with culture ugly and rejection savy Love Seraphims
The Arimaya to lost or desperate vagabond wolves

- Ryan Dickinson