I miss deception

Too many sounds on the wind today
Highwayman told me I had to pay
Decomposing lies
Severed Love ties

Feeling now like prey
Predator Mind holds me at bay
So I just won't think
Avoiding this inspires the drink

Quantify the promises broken
Understand the ink they were wrote in
Doesn't look good for the host of the party
Penalties avoided from parting, largely

I resemble a vessel wrestling with your mirage
Hung, dry and caged the capital triage
Collecting stubs to my own history
Concept of time's context a mystery

The only lonely moment a Man takes
Is sitting and listening, a self break
Regret plague right before bed
Invoking action putting ideas in head

A week now down the note still unread
Apology letter still unsent
In some pile on some bench

The devotee shouts from the morally cluttered stage

Steadfast ye wicked one

For the sins cannot be undone

Only Forgiveness
                               For Some.

- Ryan Dickinson