What breaks standing stone certainty into slop of excitement oppressed silent longing, this tragic expanse of elation diffused with strong suspicions whirls into maelstrom boulder grip strength clenching the sense of continued faith and primal want of survival out of the pores that open at any flickering candle light thread hot to the touch in response to the content of your breathe and lingering scent that drives me men-tal, instead of facing the truth that I am defying basic laws of my own nature I trudge through thick fog clouds wavering in my insecurity and brimming with cold vapour projections of those who came before and left oh so many impressions, Tenderly touching the sore spot with minds eye fancy of something wrong of course something is wrong no romance is complete without A spot of bother, I shall pen lengthy drawl of just the same shit everyone knows they ought not to speak aloud, Recklessly out of sync with what is precisely going on and that's the shade of where Love is no longer blocked.

- Ryan Dickinson