Bless the truth

If my time is nigh
The feathers fly from on high
And the light from heaven shines
To welcome me home
But the soul show is so slow
Nobody knows precisely which path to follow
Or an oath to echo
Gurus all huru to the new do
And promise you they have a clue
Most are devils in disguise
And attempt to realise his immortal desire
Redefining day as night
When I stumbled upon the rumbling from beyond
I sampled their table and dampened the ladle
Replacing my lid with a little sip
That damned fable
I was able to correlate home grown instincts
Known with the babble of the rabble
Strewn across dimensions
To lessen the impact
Of any redact that flows in pacts
I titillated the Ego's standing
Riddle debating what is known
With voices employing senses
And show through intention just some of the answers

- Ryan Dickinson