A Gift For Stars

To the surface of moons and foreign neighbouring planets
We share our established and well worn in idioms and mantra

Women are woe stricken Men
Pious fathers can abuse as they see just
I think therefore fuck you
I drink therefore fear my emotional back log
Trees are best when in flames or when describing corporate profits to corporate profiteers
Repeat after me 'I don't see my neighbour who suffers'
Keep yourself at arms length from the Truth
Follow the example of affection starved domesticated primate robots, all reason but no meaning
Freedom is too dangerous and must be ordered
The Artist is void of relevance only historians are true to Humanity's expression
Love in any form is the duty of weighted stones to crush with the power of whole and broken communities, called networks
Love only token or abstraction to be civilised
Beauty must be dulled exactly like the claws of our burdened beasts
Force volunteers to struggle for assistance in charity and to help to the tune of
performance and sweat
Ignore plight, it's not yours is it?
Don't stand in silence or demons of reflection will reveal unnecessary distractions from your career
Career above family
Law is unto itself, abide by them or die by the men who do
Guns trump trust and Love always
Cash, investment property and gold are our divine right to pursue at the cost of a million generations of development in natural systems, fuck the mother in lamens terms

Our treasures of insight are for the repetition of all high minded sentience to achieve our global conquest success, You're welcome to use them.

- Ryan