I've been resting on laurels and they're non-existent
Testing the patience of those who just keep on giving
Grow up and stop this rattle-shake fit
It's time to try living

There's times when liars rest from brothers watching
Who kept us checked
It's the first of the month when Bouncers check
Like Hunting Hounds sent from the Bank
We starve in squalor used wasting stacks

Thanks for the loan

It's another back-door, late night alley escape
That the first of the month reveals

Government subsidised free meals

Could be worse, this ain't so bad
I could be drug fucked
or Disabled
or. In. Baghdad

A many Lesson we've heard but forget the meanings
Sow the seeds to reap in
Plot though the age we live in

Money can now buy happiness
But it cannot buy life
It can buy education and freedom and allies in high places, yes.
But without some such like a lover or a poem or a dance
It's always meaningless
Our Emperor's could do with a full frontal address
' Woah! Who'd have guessed?
They're not just naked,
They're concious'

But sleep easy as that day never comes
There's no responsible body to judge my sum,
Beside the blessed inheritor, number one

- Ryan Dickinson



PoemRyan Dickinson