12:34 Friday

Liberated into my body some Schedule one Truth serum
Acid dazed lines and trips of sight
Under light over force
Crept through the belly stores
And ended where spit is mingled
With reckless singles

Jump journey rhythm of written deliverance
Dance with the tongue tip-minded line script
Believing with clenched teeth
And drenched sheets
Justice feats
Of connected meme beats

A critical void of invested Ergot derivations
As the mind takes steadier aim
It lessens in impact
Of reality fringe syntax
Shit's stacked in recess
Of quick Think and Mind thumb

Less time on outcome
With dues reaped
In hesitant lead

Makes the content succumb
To be Real
So peel
The surreal
For Data crunch intercede

It's a sore face and red eye
Half cut realisations
From no hope
All me
No love
Refined inspirations

Dusk only reveals
Trusting devoted
Show them promoted
As timely denoted
By summer exposure
Left the sloth homeless
As trees lay his bed pan
His best plan
Is well, mostly left unsaid

So now discomfort a roars in
It's crept for a moment
It's tinkering illusion
Perceptive Bi-reasoning
Tri-power me
Dual reality

I might have stepped down my mindscape
And lost track of landscapes
The words based
Of noise laced
Inner collision
Flooded the prison
But floated creative flowing

But it's convinced my bladder
I've gotta go man.

- Ryan Dickinson, 12:34 Friday Night

PoemRyan Dickinson